Crugnale Properties LLC has been in the real estate business since 1991. It began with purchasing and selling single and multifamily dwellings which eventually led to purchasing and selling of commercial retail centers. At that point, the company began to divulge in the development business and started redeveloping various parcells in downtown Mansfield. Building on the success of the model, the company continues to move forward, developing in downtown Mansfield. Based on the success represented in Mansfield, the company has also started expanding into surrounding communities, developing sites that require creative and state-of-the-art designs. Crugnale Properties has also built quality single-family homes at a per-square-foot price below most builders’ prices.

The company continues to operate a full-service property management division. Crugnale Properties still manages all of the developments it has developed to this date.

Our mission is simple; provide quality living at a price or rent that is below the competitors’, without sacrificing style. Each successful project adds to the company’s merit and good reputation as it continues to grow.

Our passion for real estate development shines in our buildings

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